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Friday, December 4, 2009

How to lead a simple life? OR "Say Wah to Sehwag"

Life is simple - don't complicate it.
What better way to learn this than to listen to him, the simpleton of modern cricket, "say wah" Sehwag: "I see ball, I hit ball".  That simple!!
I think anyone that cannot admire Sehwag's simplicity is by nature complicated.   It is usually very interesting to listen to them because they are the smart ones, very logical and sensible, but serious.  I am regularly surrounded by these smart people.
"Look at the technique", they say.
"Look at longevity", they say.
"Look at averages", they say.
"So what",  he says.  When he is there, just he is there.  And the ball he hits. 
Simple, my dear Batson!
He is so simple that milestones don't matter to him, that large scores don't matter to him, that his position in the team doesn't matter to him, but he attracts all of that like a magnet.
All that matters to him is living by the moment. 
That to me is deep, simple, but deep.  Let's cherish him, he is a dream come true.
Agreed, technique is good to watch, milestones are great to track and longevity is great to admire, but they are complicated.
Simplicity is fun, so be simple, relish him!

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  1. I must say KNR, I love reading this one :-)
    Well I can 't say that I like Say-wah (even now) but I like the reason for you the relish him (god I am missing being in Brahms for Lunch and discuss the same :-) )