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Friday, January 1, 2010

Why I think I will see Avatar, again!

Happened to see Avatar in 3D yesterday.  Something about the movie makes me think I will be watching this movie again.  Not to mention that I missed about the first fifteen minutes of the movie.  Of course, that's not the only reason why I think I will see this movie again. 

Some things that obviously impressed me, (like anyone, I suppose).
1. The research labs with 3D computing environment.  Real life user interfaces where one could move objects between devices by just picking them by hand and placing them on the target device.  Monitors with embedded objects. 
That poses a question, though.
If movie makers can visualize these, and technology can create these effects in movies, why are these technologies not available in real life?  I don't think technology itself is the issue.  It's us, the scientists, the researches, the technologists, the corporates who block 'real' advancement in technology.  For example, are we ready for true interoperability?  More than all that, are our corporates truly interested in collaborating to bring the best of advancements?  I think not.  If they were, why have so many standards.  Isn't that an irony?
Free software, where art thou?
2. The Na'vis and their lifestyle.  It is no secret that more and more peoples of the world are proclaiming the most conducive way to live is to live in communities.  The whole theme moved me, in an unexplainable way.
3. The novelty in creating diverse life forms and their connection. 

And many more visual treats that this movie serves.  Just watching it in 3D was an experience of a life time. 

It's amazing that more and more of these 'fantasy' movies are touching on the ancient views of life, rooted in ancient civilizations of the world.  I wonder if the creators of movies like this, perhaps, have a deeper desire to communicate deeper truths to us.   Isn't there a message?  A message of love, peace and harmony - which I am sure is the need of the hour.

But, are we listening?

What are we celebrating the movie truly for?
Ne'er will know! 

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  1. Someway I could not see the 3D version(Din't get ticket,so saw the Hindi version),after reding your blog,I am feeling like seeing it again,I ll watch it this weekend.I didn't know you write so nice.


  2. KNR,

    Re concept of 3D interface for inter-device xfers:

    Might it possible to start be extending an existing piece of open source software like Synergy to support drag and drop across devices and then build a 3D interface on top of that?


  3. Thanks ef! I know Pranav Mistry's work is really close to what we saw in the movie and I think his inventions were used in the lab scenes in the movie. Your suggestion above is valid, let me check with my geeks.