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Friday, March 19, 2010

What's all this noise about, you say? - An Intro to "Momentous Life".

When I started this blog, I only had a very general idea on what I was going to write about, but, no story board, not even an outline, to help keep my writing and hence this blog, regular and alive.  Looking back, starting this blog seems like destiny, perhaps a timely setup, to help me revive and keep at my writing.  As experiences unfolded in my life in the last few years, and my learnings grew, a distinct urge has been growing in me, almost gnawing at me - to revive my writing, which I have put off for a long time.  The last two months, when I have not been blogging, have been a cooling period of sorts, helping me to assimilate my thoughts, things that I wanted to share and in a way organize them, so they won't bore my readers, at the very least, me!   Though all my early writing has been in Tamizh, I believe writing in English would give me a larger reach and hopefully would be useful and maybe even transform some of my readers. 
Ergo, I am back!
As an aside, I do intend to continue writing in Tamizh too, but those would be mostly short stories.  Firstly, I intend to start by posting some of my stories written in the past (almost 25 years back), on my Tamizh blog, "அது, இது, எல்லாம்", (http://hondhu.wordpress.com). If you know Tamizh and are interested, please do visit. 
While the true motivation behind this blog is to feed my writing interests, I am confident it won't stop at that.  At least as a side effect, I am hoping that this blog will be of use to you and , some day maybe, even transform you, depending on the stage of your journey you are in, in your life
That's right, I intend to write about 'Life' - Its surprises, Its lessons, Its vagaries, Its spontaneity and everything else that makes It Momentous.  The ideas I want to share in the series of posts on this blog, are things that, I believe, will help us lead life with an effortless ease and enjoy every moment.
Hence the name for my blog, "Momentous Life". 
At the outset, though my previous posts tend to be here and there, frivolous, taking an issue with something, or not explicitly calling out the theme of leading a momentous life, you will see that there is a thin veil of connection in all those posts, to some fundamental life strategy, something that alludes to a basic principle in life.
For example, In "Say Wah! to Sehwag", I have highlighted the beauty of not complicating things; in "Why I think I will see Avatar, again!", I have alluded to the need for people to pay heed to messages of love, peace & harmony; and so on.
However, these were more serendipitous than charted, more by default, than by design, as I usually say!
Past events and the twists & turns, in my immediate family life have been a great learning experience.  These personal experiences, combined with teachings that come as a free supplement to them, have really convinced me that life is truly worth writing about.   I have found these teachings, principles, strategies, whatever one may call them, practical and useful, painless and fruitful in making every moment pleasurable. 
I intend to write about those.
Of course, I have no qualification to assume the position of a coach.  I am, by no means an authority on life.  But, I think I have picked pieces of wisdom from the world - from many of the transformational people I have met, (will write about some of them too some time), transformational material I have read and transformational ideas I have come across - that are worth sharing.  Combined with my penchant for writing, I am confident it won't be wasted time, either for me or for you!
In addition, I feel a moral obligation to share my learnings, give back what I took from life, to anyone that cares and finds my words useful.
Why should you care?
You needn't.
But if you did, I sincerely wish that you will find these ideas not only interesting but also exciting, to the extent that you see a change in your life.  I am not writing for recognition, praise or even acknowledgement.  I just am writing,  I just am!
If you have met me, you will know that I am transparent, brutally honest and thoroughly open to feedback.  Surely, I don't expect this to be a one way communication, a monologue.  I am hoping that you will share your views and wisdom in return, even if you don't agree with me, especially if you don't agree with me.
I will start sharing one idea per blog, starting from my next post. 
Hopefully the above summarises the purpose of this blog and evinces interest enough to bring you back! 
Before I sign off, I would like to leave you with the following, which I think truly captures the essence of 'living momentously':
The first rule is simply this:
live this life
and do whatever is done
in a spirit of Thanksgiving.
Abandon attempts to achieve security,
they are futile;
give up the search for wealth,
it is demeaning;
quit the search for salvation,
it is selfish;
and come to the comfortable rest
in the certainty that those who participate in this life
with an attitude of Thanksgiving
will receive its full promise.

                                                                                                                                                                John M Quinton II
Always we Begin Again

Live happily ever after!

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  1. Very nice. Infact in life simple truths are what we overlook in the haste to achieve financial and career goals. We most times don't enjoy the essence of living and most people have definitely lost the sense of appreciation for small things. We rarely "wonder" :-)